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What is Farm to Bar - 

What is Farm to Bar Chocolate

Farm to bar chocolate is when we farm and grow our own Cacao and use the same cacao to manufacture your chocolate, so the flavor of the chocolate is intact, the process is organic and ethical.

Chocolates have been synonymous to being a 'sinful pleasure'. Over the years we have been told that chocolate is unhealthy, artificial and is only to be consumed in moderate quantities. The  sugar-free chocolates in the market are either too bitter & tasteless or have artificial sweeteners like maltitol. The ones claiming sugar-free have corn syrup, jaggery or honey which is still SUGAR. 

This got us thinking, what if there is more to chocolate ? We were not willing to give up on this enticing indulgence just because it was created to be eaten on a cheat day or is 'supposed' to taste bitter. Our journey took us to Indonesia, Ivory cost completing the full circle to our farm in Wayanad, Kerela, India. We learnt a lot about the farming in our country and also learnt that Chocolate is healthy.  

Real dark chocolate is well-known for being a powerhouse of anti-oxidants and nutrients. The main culprit is the sugar which causes all of the body and skin issues. So we thought why not just kill the enemy without compromising on the taste?

Thus began an adventure where we experimented with fermenting cacao, roasting skillfully and using various sweeteners .After countless  experiments & endless research, from tasting bad chocolate to persevering to make a better one; we have mastered the recipe of a sugar-free dark chocolate using the finest Indian organic cacao, real cocoa butter and natural zero calorie sweetener without any aftertaste. Our end result was a low carb, high healthy fat and high protein chocolate, with a lot of anti-oxidants and nutrients. Above all that, it was yummy ! Our only mission is to make '100% Natural' bean to bar chocolate with locally sourced ingredients and no chemicals, added artificial flavors or preservatives. Our chocolate is perfect in that breakfast bowl, a mid-day snack, your work-out buddy or an after meal treat. 

We are proud to make chocolate both scrumptious and healthy, re-defining chocolate to a 'guilt-free delicacy'. 

Our Organic Cacao Farm

In the foothills of western Ghats in Kozhikode district in Kerala lie our cacao farms spread over 05 acres surrounded by rivers on two sides with proximity to forests within 500 mt. The cacao plant is inter-planted along with coconut ,nutmeg, cloves, vanilla, banana and variety of fruits giving it forest like conditions.

 Sustainable farming is the key to growing finest cacao which includes careful selection of healthy saplings and adding a lot of compost. It is then reared through organic manure with frequent irrigation using sprinklers. Health of the plant is monitored at every stage. This process continues for the next 03 years until the cacao plant becomes strong and ready for flowering. The next step is fermentation and drying. 

The fermentation of cacao beans is crucial to the production of quality cocoa. Fermentation brings out the chocolate flavor that everyone is familiar with. Prior to that, cacao beans have a very bitter taste which disappears with proper fermentation. When the beans are well fermented, they are sun dried for about 05-06 days. Once well dried, each bean is quality checked with the best beans making its way for roasting.  

Meet the Founders 

Abhishek Shah -


Starting his journey as a barista in 2008, Abhi pursued his love for coffee to open up his own roasterie in Melbourne in 2011. His motivation & perseverance led him to Mumbai to become the first clean Air Roasters in India selling coffee at the best places in India.

When he noticed that India is moving towards a healthy lifestyle, the chocolate lover and the fitness freak in him sprung out to start experimenting on a new Keto culture & Ditch the Guilt, India was yet to see.   

We call him the innovator or craftsman always experimenting with crazy new ideas which are of course ingenious.  

Lipika Inerkar Shah - 

Starting the journey as an accountant and an MBA in Finance, Lipika worked at Ernst & Young as a business consultant. 

Her passion to start something exciting and fun combined with her love for fine food & chocolate, motivated her to start a new chapter in her life by joining Abhi to establish a one of a kind Chocolate factory.

She is instrumental in implementing the company strategy, engaging in developing ideas and execution and bringing all the plans into action with quality & cost control.